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Your safe alternative to medicine for your children.

Whether you’re looking for a safe alternative to medicine for your child, or you’re not really sure if your kid is actually sick, Magic Feel Good may be the solution you’re looking for.

Rather than load your kid up with Tylenol, Motrin or kids cough medicine, we’ve developed a chewable pill that uses the power of the placebo effect to help your child’s phantom pains and anxieties.

The use of placebos has long been proven to be a safe and effective way to regulate ailments in adults and children alike. We understand that it can be scary to give your kid’s medicine that can have side effects so we’ve developed a natural alternative to these meds.

Learn More About The Placebo Effect

Learn More About The Placebo Effect

What Is This Magic Alternative To Medicine?

Magic Feel Good is an all-natural, safe and complimentary alternative to alternative medicine. It’s essentially a sugar pill that contains Vitamin C. When your kid takes a Magic Feel Good pill, their mind and body often start to feel better as a result of “taking medicine”. This is known and recognized in the medical community as the placebo effect. Magic feel good is gluten-free, dairy-free and does not contain GMOs, eggs, yeast, nuts, wheat, corn, soy or alcohol.

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We invented this alternative to medicine for our kids!

As parents of five children, we often heard our kids complain of fevers, headaches or coughs without a single symptom.  Perhaps our child wanted to avoid school or sleep late one morning.  If they were “sick”, they had an easy way out and with their complaints came a plea for medicine.

As a mom, it’s can be hard to balance your child’s needs and wants and we were always mindful of medicine and wanted to avoid giving our kids Tylenol, Motrin or Cough Medicine when they really didn’t need it.

We would put some juice and honey in a medicine cup, sprinkle some “magic invisible powder” into the liquid and give it to them. After drinking this liquid, time and time again, our kids would feel better. Just drinking some medicine and getting some love and attention from their parents was all our kids needed for the placebo effect to kick in!Now we bring you this safe alternative to medicine that you can store in your medicine cabinet or keep in your purse. What’s more is that Magic Feel Good now contains a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

Now we bring you this safe alternative to medicine that you can store in your medicine cabinet or keep in your purse.  Our unique packaging is comforting to children and we hope our brand will become synonymous with feeling better right away!

 Parent Tested, Parent Approved

Real families have experienced the magic of Magic Feel Good with their children, and have been raving about our pills! That is why Parent Tested Parent Approved awarded us with their seal of approval for consumer trust. Here is what some of the parents have said about our product:

“We try not to take any pain medication unless absolutely necessary. This is a very cool alternative for medication – and the placebo effect can be very real!”

Scott Brady

Author of Sahm Reviews

“I really could have used this product this morning when my little guy was complaining he had a fever (he was fine). He spat out the vitamin gummy that I tried to tell him was medicine.”

Nancy Johnson Horn

Author of The Mama Maven

“My daughter was complaining to me that she felt sick. She was not really sick (and both of us knew it) but she loves the taste of medicine, so she was pleading for it. Within 20 minutes of taking Magic Feel Good, she felt all better! “

Melissa Pezza

Author of The Mommy Chronicles

“This is a much-needed product for us, moms! My two boys absolutely love Magic Feel Good, and now ask for it whenever they aren’t “feeling well.” The packaging is very clever, and I love that it is all natural! “

Whitney Trujillo

CEO of The Mother List & Enlist Moms

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

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Be Mindful of Medicine

Or as we like to call it… Be M.O.M!

We created Be M.O.M. (Be Mindful of Medicine) to help parents understand how to react to their children’s phantom pains and anxieties while still avoiding the potentially harmful side effects of using unneeded medicine. For a quick introduction, watch the video below! Also, you can learn more about Be M.O.M. here!

Watch The Video!

Watch The Video!

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