Safe Dosage Information For Children’s Medicine

The Safe Alternative to Children’s Medication

As parents, it is our duty to be informed and cautious when dealing with any type of medication for our children. It has become a rising issue that children receive medication to fight symptoms and moods that don’t necessarily need medication.

Continuing to increase our knowledge as parents on how much medication is right for our children is always crucial. This infographic shows the proper amounts of the standard medications that our children can have.  Be sure to check how much acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or diphenhydramine or child can have before giving them any medication. 

Disclaimer:  The information on this page is not medical advice, nor does it come from a doctor or pediatrician.  Always consult a doctor before making medical decisions for your family.  We always recommend seeking medical advice before diagnosing your child or dismissing their illness and Magic Feel Good is not recommended as an alternative when there is a real medical need to medicate your child.