Cough Drops For Kids. When and How to Medicate.

Cough drops and cough medicine come in all sorts of forms.  Cough drops, cough lozenges, cough medicine.  All of these products find their way into your medicine cabinet so that they are on hand when your kid starts to get sick, cough or have a sore throat.

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Many of these cough remedies come with promises of soothing the throat and making it easier to sleep at night but did you know that many of the cough remedies sold for children are made primarily from sugar, food coloring and pectin – the same ingredient used to give jelly it’s thick consistency.

Are cough drops for kids effective?

There have been many studies into the impact cough drops have in the short terms, and overwhelmingly, studies have found that cough drops are no more effective than a placebo would be and guidelines from the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) there is little medical evidence that supports the use of cough drops.  In 2008, the FDA even recommended cough medicine should not be given to children under the age of four years old because the long-term dependency on cough medicine could cause serious harm.

What are the side effects from giving my child cough medicine?

The side effects of giving toddlers or children cough medicine have been found to include allergic reactions, increased or uneven heart rate, nausea, constipation, sleepiness, slow or shallow breathing and even in rare cases, confusion or hallucinations, convulsions.

A concerning 2003 study by CS Mott Children’s Hospital found that over the counter cough medicine do carry warning labels that say the cough medicine should not be given to children under four years old and yet 4 in 10 parents reported giving cough medicine, or multi-symptom medicine to their child under 4.  Similarly, 1 in 4 parents reported giving decongestant medicine to their children under four years old.

A Natural Alternative To Cough Medicine

There are many natural alternatives to cough medicine.  Among them, warm tea with a touch of honey, or a natural cough syrup made when you let onions and garlic sweat in organic honey for a couple of days.

Sometimes you don’t have a couple of days notice when your kid is about to start coughing!

Much easier, and readily available is Magic Feel Good, a placebo pill, a sugar pill, and it’s rich in Vitamin C.  Not only are you avoiding giving your child cough drops when they don’t need them, there’s no known side effect to the placebo effect in children.

For decades, doctors have seen the placebo effect in children when giving them a recommended dosage of cough drops and now you have access to a children’s placebo without some of the scary side effects listed on the back of that bottle of cough syrup.

Disclaimer:  The information on this page is not medical advice, nor does it come from a doctor or pediatrician.  Always consult a doctor before making medical decisions for your family.  We always recommend seeking medical advice before diagnosing your child or dismissing their illness and Magic Feel Good is not recommended as an alternative when there is a real medical need to medicate your child.