Jeni Danti, CEO

Jeni Danto is an entrepreneurial female business owner and mother of five children from Upstate New York.  Jeni holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work.

Pairing her mother’s intuition with her business acumen, Jeni is the founder and CEO of Magic Feel Good, a healthy alternative to children’s medicine that leverages decades of research into the impact of the placebo effect in children.

Years of social work have taught her that not every ache, pain, or complaint should be treated with cough medicine or Tylenol. So, she created a veritable “spoonful of sugar” to use in place of traditional medication.  Magic Feel Good is a natural alternative to medicine with the added benefit of being rich in Vitamin C.

Before opening her own business, Jeni worked as a social worker at Westchester Day School, was a Volunteer and Therapist Coordinator at the Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities, and was the manager of a group home for disabled women.

When she isn’t running her business, Jeni loves to cook, run, and travel – especially if that means she can explore her newfound love of snowshoeing!